Travel With The Author As He Explores Our Great And Wonderful World 

Hello, Privet, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hyvää Päivää, おはようございます or whatever other linguistic regions your vacation travels may take you!
These books are filled with pictures and rich articles of well known or sometimes even lesser-known historic sites, attractions and off the map locations, etc. Even if you never travel in person, these books will let you journey with the author's words and images on your computer or any other compatible mobile device such as an iPad or Kindle.
So if you want to see long lost Maya Ruins in the jungles of Central America we have that.  If you want to see the great palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia, we have that and if you want to play with monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar we have that too.  We are always seeking to add more books and information for our readers, so we invite you to check back often for new travel guide book additions.


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